Monday, 13 January 2014

The Revolution of the Heart

Our society has a sickness. It's called Inequality and it's caused by people thinking they're better than others. These beliefs provoke envy and fear and they lead to people having to live their lives in dire poverty.

We are all infected with Inequality because in the place where we go to learn about work and the world we are taught it. We are taught that some of us are 'bright' and 'high achieving'. Some of those kids are jealously bullied, but there's a payoff for them at the end. Most of us are taught that we are average, which makes school tolerable but numbingly dull. And a poor, sad few of us are taught that we are the bottom, the worst.

It's time to say enough. Enough of a school system that discourages and divides and humiliates us. Time to rise up in peaceful protest to shatter the mental chains they bind us with. It's time for the Revolution of the Heart.

Understand, if we are to succeed, it must be a revolution of the heart. We must look inside ourselves and heal whatever inequalities we find. When we greet our brother and sister citizens as equals, then we shall be on the path to victory.

Harm no one and damage no property. For if you do, you will be questioned about the people you harmed and the property you damaged. The questioner has the power, so be the questioner. Ask 'What good does it, to teach us Inequality?'

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