Sunday, 4 May 2014

If we want to Tackle Inequality we should Stop Teaching It

The reason why poor children do worse at school than rich ones can be endlessly debated, but the fact that they do is indisputable, in ours and every other country. This does not just happen in bad schools, only in the top 15% of state schools do poor children perform above the national average at age 16 and children in those schools who aren't poor do far better.

Ds are worse than Cs, Fs are worse than Ds. The message to poor children as they learn about the world and their place in it is that they are inferior. The official record of their lack of value will be the last communication they have from the institution tasked with rescuing them from poverty.

Companies set their wages at the lowest level people will accept and those who since childhood have been told their work is worth less than that of others will accept very low pay.

How can we justify treating people this way?

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